Research on Urban Transportation Issues in the Broadest Sense

By focusing not only on those matters pertaining directly to transportation, but also by considering those transportation matters which bear upon local and urban development, the Institute hopes to make recommendations based upon academic research for making a city which, due to its safe and smooth transportation facilities, is a comfortable place to live in. Further, by placing importance on the relationship between "people" and "car", the Institute hopes, through its research on desirable transportation environments, to respond to the demands of the era.

Promotion of "Transport-based Machizukuri (Community Development)"

For promoting transport-based Machizukuri (community development) in order to Toyota City to be "the model city of transportation", cooperation between the city government and urban residents is essential for its realization. The Institute will act in a supporting role to help achieve this goal. The Institute will carry out practical research in order to improve the urban transportation environment as the direction of "the model city of transportation", and will promote plans for implementing various social changes involving the cooperation between the city administration and private enterprises.

Disseminating Information and Contributing to the World

As Japanfs role is increasing on the world stage, our experiences in handling urban transport have been recognized as a major contribution to the world. Toyota City is an ideal place for both the research and experimentation, and the results of these efforts should be useful for the improvement of transportation environments in other cities. We would like to disseminate those results and also Japanese experiences and practices in general to the cities of the world.
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