Toyota Transportation Research Institute (TTRI) is a general public interested incorporated organization funded jointly by Toyota City, Toyota Motor Co., and other private companies in order to promote practical researches on transport problems and policies of local cities. Our institute is a unique research organization, established by a local government for the policy research on a specific field, i.e. urban transport.
TTRI proceeds its research activities in cooperation with researchers from universities and other research organizations.
We would like to study and explore appropriate policies and planning practices towards more sustainable city and urban transport for the 21st century from the City of Automobile, Toyota. We will be most pleased if we can disseminate useful ideas and approaches based upon Japanese experiences to concerned citizen, planners and policy makers in Asian and other countries in the world.
Our research focuses on developing and promoting transport policies toward a sustainable city, using automobiles more wisely or intelligently in the society, and also integrating with urban planning policies and environmental policies.
Positive community-based approach focusing on transportation with collaboration of local government, citizen and the private sector for the realization of more sustainability is the key concept of our research activities.
We would like to appreciate your kind understanding and assistance on our activities.
Vice Chairman
& Director General
Katsutoshi Ohta
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